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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Pattern making and Flower Painting

Hello Families!
These last few weeks we have been working on Patterns.
Last week we worked together to paint a pattern at the top of their paper
and then we talked through how they can make their very own painted pattern.
Most of the kiddos were great at verbalizing the pattern as they were making their own, even if it did not show up as a pattern with their paint.😊

"Purple, Green, Purple, Green, Purple, Green!!!"

Earlier this week we painted using flowers as our paint brush.
They loved to smell the flowers before covering them in paint.
This group LOVES to paint!


"I love Purple!"

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Stamping Fun, Water Exploration and Rec Room Time

Hello Families!
Here are a ton of pictures from the last few weeks.
We painted.
We Stamped bugs.
We played in the Rec Room on a rainy day.
We also explored water play.
It has been a very eventful few weeks and we are settling in amazingly!


Stamping some bugs!!!

"Ew, Spider!"

"It's a Heart Bug?"

Story loving her time in the tunnel.

Lucas peeking out.

Piper! :)

Hendrik running in to join the fun.

Our Water Exploration!

Leona worked on a Puzzle while waiting for her turn.