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Friday, September 14, 2018

Color Matching and Sorting!

This week we dove into Color matching and sorting.
We soaked in the cooler weather.
and celebrated a Birthday. 

Matching Bears!

Lining them up too.

Going on our Train to the Farmers Market with Ms. Kim

Fire Truck Ride with Ms. Kathy

Color Sorting Fun!

Thank you Quinn for the Activity

Happy Birthday Addie! Thank you for the Treats!

Have a Great Weekend! See you Monday!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Two and Always moving!

Hello Families

This week was quite a crazy weather week.
The first half of the week we spent inside escaping the rain,
and the second we spent basking in the cool sun.



Soccer with Ms. "Aleka"

Exploring the Mountain

Conquering the Mountain



Tricky Spider-Man

Waiting for the Street Sweeper!

Addie made a "Salad" for all her friends

Feeding the Fishies Eggs and Pizza

Painting with bright colors, Some of our friends painted so fast I couldn't snap a picture.

Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend and soak up that sun while it peeks out! 
See you Tuesday!