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Friday, January 18, 2019

Tearing fun and Ms. Alexa's Baby gift!

This week we focused on activities that allowed our kids to tear things.
They loved ripping up tissue paper and using their fine motor skill.

Ms. Alexa also opened her going away present from our class. 

Some tore their paper delicately. 

While others used big muscles to tear the paper when it was all rolled up.

A few of the girls enjoying our reading nook and reading together!

We love Ms. Alexa!

And Baby Declan!

Each Friend colored their own square to make Ms. Alexa a picture for her home.

Have an amazing Weekend.
See you all Monday!
-Ms. Emilee

Friday, January 11, 2019

Snow Storm Painting and Holiday Week Small Activities

This Blog post is a bit of a mixed up one.
We have pictures from the last few weeks all combined.
I hope you enjoy!

We Played with Magnets!

It was tricky to figure out what side would stick and what side wouldn't

We loved dragging them around and stacking them up.

On one of our Smaller days after Christmas we played with Baking Soda, Vinegar, Food Dye and Glitter.

We mixed the vinegar into the Baking Soda either by spoonful or by cup full.

Look at all of those colors that appeared!

Sawyer missed the paper with his paint a few times.

We spent an afternoon playing on the new Balance beam we got for Christmas! (Thanks Kate!!!)

It was tricky and waiting in line was trickier

We used Q-tips to make Snow Storms!

Some of us drew with our Q-tip

While some of us dotted.

Thank you for peaking at a few snap shots of some of our hard work!
We appreciate you!