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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving week!

Hello Families
This week we worked on book collages, cranberry sensory and "unique like me" Turkeys.

Yesterday I put a hand painted Turkey from your child in their cubby. We had so much fun and conversation that I didn't get any pictures of our one-on-one project. We talked about Turkeys and how our hand could look like a turkey. I explained to them what part of their hand would be the body, the head and the feathers. They chose what color they wanted for each part....down to the last feather. At circle time we went around and all talked about what we were thankful for, which is written at the top of your Turkey picture. 😊 I hope you love those just as much as your little one loved making them. 

Book Collages!

"S" for Sawyer

Frankie loved feeling the materials and smushing them in the glue

They all knew exactly what they wanted and where it belonged!

Campbell covered it in Glue and then put her choices on the paper.

Cranberry Sensory

We filled our sensory table with Water, Rocks, Red Gems and Cranberries!

We explored how some of the things sank to the bottom and we had to reach down to get them.

While the Cranberries floated on top of the water and were much easier to scoop up.

We played with these all week, they loved this learning experience.

Have and Amazing Holiday weekend
and don't forget to enjoy the tiny things!

-Ms. Emilee

Friday, November 9, 2018

Harvest Party and Fine Motor Skills

Hello Families!
In this Blog Post we have pictures from our Harvest Party, a few fine motor activities and some Gourd Explorations. 

Sorry about the delay on a few of these, I am still catching up from being away at the MiAEYC Infant/ Toddler Conference last week.
I love learning about how to more effectively impact your children and help them grow.

Ripping up our paper from when we Painted with Water. 

Westin trying to pull his paper apart.

Skylar watching Ms. Alexa tear a piece of paper

Adalyn tore her paper up so little that she could ball it all up in her hand.

Clean up Crew getting all the tiny papers off of our floor!

Zander loves pulling the tape up off of our table

Pinching and pulling to get that tape up.

"I Did It!!!"

Westin focusing on his goal

Kam using two hands

Harvest Party!!!

Ms. Emily M made our class a Pepper-O-Lantern and Veggie tray!

Kate trying her boiled egg

Skylar eating Puffed Corn

Adalyn drinking her juice box in a silly way

Exploring Gourds

We started by cutting open our class gourds to see what was inside.
Inside we found that it looks like a Pumpkin!
It feels like one too!

Next we took turns putting Baking soda into our empty gourds

We poured in some vinegar and watched them bubble up and spill over!

We took turns picking the color of food dye and then guess what color they would make together.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Party and brought in a treat for us to enjoy together! 
Have an amazing weekend!