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Friday, September 18, 2020

Welcome Fall! Painting, Pinecones and Playing

Hello Families!
We love to play in the Rec Room after Nap time and we recently had an obstacle course set up during our time in there. 
We also played outside every day we could! Which is a crowd favorite as far as activities go.
We explored Pinecones and what they are for.
Then we painted our own Pinecone!

During our obstacle course we found a big kitty hanging out.

We took turns riding on his back.

Kyleigh said she was being a doggie!

Rowan serving up some yummy dinner!

Ethan found a Tractor

Noah scooped some sand!

In Circle Time we go over shapes, songs, letters and read a story before nap time.
This is one of the only times in the day where we all sit down quietly and focus together.
They love to take turns and listen for what the other friends are saying during their turn.

One of our new friends, Malaysia.

Matai helping Malaysia put her shoe back on.
It was tricky for them both but they worked together to get it figured out.

We found a Cricket in the Hallway. We scooped it up and watched him hop around in our bug jar.
We listened to the sound that Crickets make (via youtube sound) and talked about how we were going to put him back outside so he could go home.

Ethan likes to get dizzy on the Sit and Spin
Georgia took her time painting her pinecone, she was very proud

Wells (also a new friend this week!) loved holding the pinecone and mixing his colors together

Soph loved the Red paint

Kyleigh rolled hers on the table to get all the brown painted

Rowan problem solved and rolled hers in the paint because she kept losing her grip on the stem.

Have a great week!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Our last few weeks!

Hello Families!!!
We have had a very fun and exploratory first few weeks.
We have a few new friends, Kyleigh and Andrea.
Soon we will be starting our Curriculum for the year.

Sophie, Hope, Beckett and Noah sitting on a train 


Cheese, Ethan!

One of our new Friends Kyleigh!

Noah and Ethan in our firetruck!

Matai sitting in our Thomas the Train

"My Bed"

Silly Faces on the Rec Room couch!

Ethan loves to Hula-hoop

Digging with the Dump Truck

Making Dinner and then wiping it onto the ground. 😂

Another New friend, Andrea!!!!!